For the purpose of groupage transport, Intereuropa has set up a network of regular lines with all European countries.  Groupage transport is a form of transport suitable for small consignments, which do not occupy the entire space of the transport vehicle.
Intereuropa's first dispatch of groupage consignments was organized 45 years ago. The first export groupage shipment dates back to the year 1972. We have accumulated a wealth of experience since then, and have become a leading provider of groupage transport services in the country and the region. A network for regular import and export groupage routes in all European countries was established for the purposes of transporting groupage consignments. With the aid of our own network in countries where we are present, and with the help of renowned foreign partners, we enable reliable door-to-door delivery of small consignments.

We provide:

  • Groupage transport services from/to all European countries.
  • We guarantee delivery and collection of consignments within 12 or 24 hours via our network of customs terminals in all major economic centres in Slovenia.
  • Appropriate professional support in the dispatch of customs shipments, ADR shipments and shipments of all types suitable for groupage transport.
  • Control of consignments along the entire transport route.
  • Favourable cargo consignment insurance.
  • Complete ancillary services (customs clearance, warehousing, etc.)